Free Motorcycle VIN Number Report

Is there such a thing as a Free VIN Check Report?

If you want the truth then there is such a thing out there on the internet, and it is provided by a very reputable organisation…

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Motorcycle VIN Reports for as low as $3.49

We have found a provider who can provide a basic report for $3.49 and a full report for $9.99.  There is no need to pay more than this.  In fact if you are on the hunt for a new motorcycle and might want to run more than 1 Motorcycle Vin Check Report there is an offer of 5 reports for $25.00, that’s only $5.00 for a full report.  The best deal we can find!

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Motorcycle VIN Check for $9.99

Motorcycle History Reports

Model Specific Information

motorcycle vin checkThe latest information shows that as many as 1 in 10 motorcycles being sold may have outstanding finance, leaving many unsuspecting buyers out of pocket and without a motorcycle.  In order to provide more direct and specific information for the buyer we have created pages designed to assist in researching Motorcycle VINs for individual Motorcycle manufacturers. This information includes manufacturer specific information on VIN locations and a breakdown of how each manufacturer uses the VIN information to classify their different models.  It is possible using the first nine characters of a VIN to find out the manufacturer, make and model of a motorcycle.  To gain further information such as the full history and any stolen motorcycle reports it would be necessary to order a full VIN Check report from a reputable provider.

Visit the links below for further used VIN Check information relating to your chosen make of Motorcycle.

Ducati | Harley Davidson | Honda | Hyosung | Kawasaki | Suzuki | Yamaha

Other Motorcycle Manufacturers

Further Motorcycle Manufacturers will shortly be added to Motorcycle VIN Check Site, these include BMW, KTM, Aprilla and Triumph.

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Free Decoder Report

Free Motorcycle VIN Check Decoder

There is a significant amount of information stored directly within the first nine characters of the VIN itself, you can manually decode this information or you can use Motorcycle VIN Check site’s free decoder report below.  The VIN decoder will extract information from the Motorcycle VIN you enter. This free VIN Check report will indicate if there are any records on file for this VIN and give you the option to gain further information on the legal status of the VIN you wish to check.  If you would like to manually decode your motorcycle vin please visit the manufacturer specific pages listed below:

Ducati | Harley Davidson | Honda | Hyosung | Kawasaki | Suzuki | Yamaha

Enter your VIN here to see a free Motorcycle VIN Check Summary about your bike.


The Motorcycle History Report


The Motorcycle VIN check decoder should give you a result that will give you some direct information about the motorcycle that should confirm what the seller is telling you in terms of year, model etc etc.  It is then a very simple and easy step to order a full History Report which you can receive instantly and will detail the information held about the motorcycle.  If you don’t get a result like this it means that our servers don’t have any direct information about the VIN you provided, it’s time to get the Motorcycle VIN checked again and make sure it’s correct.  It’s not to say that there is anything to be concerned about at this stage but on double checking you may wish to consider some other options. If you would like any further help visit the Motorcycle VIN check site contact us page.

Motorcycle VIN Check for $9.99

Where do I find the VIN?

Where to locate a VIN on a motorcycle.

When trying to find the location of a VIN there are several places to look on a bike. The various motorcycle manufacturers Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, BMW, KTM etc. all have a challenge in placing the VIN plate. honda motorcycle showing VIN plateIt needs to be visible but not detract from the look and style of the motorcycle. Each manufacturer puts the VIN plate in different places, and they are not always consistent between models. On this Honda Motorcyle to the right you can clearly see the VIN plate on the frame just below the fuel tank. Unless the bike is vintage then there will be a VIN plate or number on there for you to take the number from and run a VIN Check. The most common location for a Motorcycle VIN location is on the right hand side of the head stem. Turn the handlebars all the way to the left to allow the VIN to be seen more clearly. This seems to have become the common place standard between many motorcycle manufacturers. The VIN is usually stamped into the frame which makes it harder to swap than a riveted plate. A stamped VIN can be a bit harder to locate and read. The VIN will be seventeen characters long and a mixture of letters and numbers, you need the full 17 character VIN in order to run a report. It used to be the the VIN was more often used to ensure you are ordering the correct spare parts for your motorcycle, however more and more checks are being run on a daily basis as buyers seek out to the find the history of the motorcycle they want to purchase.

Reasons for running a Motorcycle VIN Check

Do not forget to check the condition of the VIN plate itself, it could give you a clue that something is not quite what it seems. The plate should look like it belongs on the bike, not like a recent addition. It should appear to be the same age as the rest of the Motorcycle, if it seems older or newer than the bike then you have a very good reason to run a check on this bike. It may be possible that the owner is trying to clone another identity onto the bike as the Motorcycle VIN Check would show the true history. The VIN can sometimes be stamped somewhere else on the Motorcycle so you can cross check the numbers. If the VIN plate has been defaced in any way, for example by grinding, or has a sticker over it, or someone has painted over it or if it is loose then you should not trust the information on the plate and should see if you can find the VIN number stamped somewhere else on the bike. There is no point in running a report on a VIN that you already have doubts over as you’ll never know how accurate the information in the report is.

If you run the VIN number through a free Motorcycle VIN Check decoder it will extract the information contained in the VIN itself, this should correlate with what the seller is telling you. Much of this information can be manually decoded as the first characters are fixed by the manufacturer and model of the motorcycle. Finally if something doesn’t seem right with the seller then you should also really consider running a report, is their knowledge of the bike a bit weak, can they tell you the history of the motorcycle, why are they selling it, where are they selling it and perhaps why are they trying to sell it so quickly. All these questions can point you to a bike that might have a history you don’t want and that a Motorcycle VIN check report can uncover for you.


Motorcycle VIN Check for $9.99

The reasons to get a VIN check

What are the risks in buying a used motorcycle?

You need to know why obtaining a VIN Check Report is so important? So what is the likelihood of there something being wrong with the second hand bike you are looking at? There are on average in excess of 60,000 motorcycles stolen in the USA each year. That approximates to one motorcycle every 9 minutes. The chances are very real. With the rate of recovery at only 25% – 30% (compared to 60% for cars) there are around 45,000 unrecovered bikes each year. What happens to these stolen motorcycles? Some will be broken down for parts, others will be shipped overseas to be sold on the black market. Many will make it onto the second hand market being sold by seemingly legitimate sellers who appear to have genuine reasons for selling. They will be bought by unsuspecting riders who probably don’t realise the situation they have suddenly found themselves in. Without a doubt getting a VIN Check is important.

Does getting a Motorcycle VIN Check really matter?

Yes it does. If you unknowingly purchase a stolen motorcycle, no matter how far down the chain you may be, then you never actually own that motorcycle. You have bought stolen property. It is still the property of it’s original owner. You could have to hand the bike back with your only line of compensation being from the person who sold it to you. Realistically a VIN check is the only way to be sure the second hand bike you are looking at has a clean history.

What else could be wrong?

Let’s face it the Global Financial Crisis has put a lot of pressure on people. Spending $9 or $10 on a piece of paper or a pdf report might seem like a waste of your hard earned cash. But consider how may people are defaulting on their loan payments? How many motorcycles are being repossessed? How many people are selling their motorcycles without having cleared their finance. If you buy that bike it’s not yours, it is still actually owned by the finance company and could be repossessed from you, a motorcycle vin check report will help to protect you from these risks.


Motorcycle VIN Check for $9.99

Why are VIN checks so important?

What is a VIN?

Every vehicle has a unique number attached to it, this is known as the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. The VIN is usually located in at least one prominent and visible location and often several other locations some which may be undisclosed. The licence plates on a vehicle may change between states, owners and definitely between countries. The VIN is the only unique identifier of a vehicle it is like a fingerprint for a vehicle, a Motorcycle Vin Check Report uses this number to verify the specification of the motorcycle. i.e number of Cylinders, Cubic Capacity, Age etc. the report also accesses one of several Nationally held databases that contain important information about the vehicles history.

When should I get a VIN Check Report?

You should obtain a history report when purchasing a second hand motorcycle. It is not necessary to have a report done on a brand new bike. Even if you are buying from a dealer the report is still a useful document to have as is may help you in negotiations. Also it is a very good idea if you are planning to sell or are selling a second hand motorcycle. Your potential buyers will be reassured if you provide them with an advance copy of an up to date Motorcycle VIN Check report. This will save them the cost and time in doing this and may help to secure an immediate sale.

What can a VIN Number Trace tell me?

A VIN check can give you a summary of the previous owner history… was it really owned by one careful rider? It will let you know if the bike has ever been in a major accident or experienced flood damage. Most importantly it can tell you about outstanding finances on the bike or if it registered at stolen. There may be a good reason why this bike looks too good to be true!

What have you found out during a Motorcycle VIN Check – visit contact us and let us know!

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