Prime Time to Buy a Second Hand Motorcycle

Fall is Here Let’s Go Motorcycle Shopping!

It’s a long standing question for many people looking to buy their first motorcycle. When’s the best time to buy a second hand motorcycle. Now is the time!  Fall is here and many people will be garaging their rides away for the winter, those that have decided to sell their ride will also be selling now.  Also it’s good to remember that come spring lots of people will be out there looking to buy and the sellers will be fewer, prices will rise.

Getting your second hand motorcycle now means you have opportunity to check it over during the winter and get it ready for the open road come spring.

There are a few pointers to help you make that decision on when to buy:

  • If you are looking for a particular make of motorcycle then research when new models are due on the market.  Ducati, for example, are about to release a 20th Anniversary Edition of the Monster.  There will be Ducati enthusiasts looking to trade up and may result in an oversupply of 2nd hand older models.
  • Be cautious over riders who may have thrashed their bike knowing they are going to sell.
  • Christmas is coming and people will be looking to sell for cash.  Have your finances ready to go.  When negotiating on price it’s hard to say no to a fistful of bills!
  • If you are going to take cash and negotiate make sure to get the VIN first and run a Vin Check.  Know what you are buying.
  • Don’t be worried about walking away.
Triumph Rocket III in Black

Triumph Rocket III

Enjoy your new ride! Spring isn’t far away!

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