The reasons to get a VIN check

What are the risks in buying a used motorcycle?

You need to know why obtaining a VIN Check Report is so important? So what is the likelihood of there something being wrong with the second hand bike you are looking at? There are on average in excess of 60,000 motorcycles stolen in the USA each year. That approximates to one motorcycle every 9 minutes. The chances are very real. With the rate of recovery at only 25% – 30% (compared to 60% for cars) there are around 45,000 unrecovered bikes each year. What happens to these stolen motorcycles? Some will be broken down for parts, others will be shipped overseas to be sold on the black market. Many will make it onto the second hand market being sold by seemingly legitimate sellers who appear to have genuine reasons for selling. They will be bought by unsuspecting riders who probably don’t realise the situation they have suddenly found themselves in. Without a doubt getting a VIN Check is important.

Does getting a Motorcycle VIN Check really matter?

Yes it does. If you unknowingly purchase a stolen motorcycle, no matter how far down the chain you may be, then you never actually own that motorcycle. You have bought stolen property. It is still the property of it’s original owner. You could have to hand the bike back with your only line of compensation being from the person who sold it to you. Realistically a VIN check is the only way to be sure the second hand bike you are looking at has a clean history.

What else could be wrong?

Let’s face it the Global Financial Crisis has put a lot of pressure on people. Spending $9 or $10 on a piece of paper or a pdf report might seem like a waste of your hard earned cash. But consider how may people are defaulting on their loan payments? How many motorcycles are being repossessed? How many people are selling their motorcycles without having cleared their finance. If you buy that bike it’s not yours, it is still actually owned by the finance company and could be repossessed from you, a motorcycle vin check report will help to protect you from these risks.


Motorcycle VIN Check for $9.99