Harley Davidson Motorcycle VIN Check

Where to find a Harley’s VIN

VIN Location on a Harley

The VIN Stamped on a Harley Davidson © MVCS

On most Harley Davidson Motorcycles the VIN is on a plate on the frame of the motorcycle or stamped on the headset as shown on the right.

There should also be an abbreviated form of the VIN stamped on the engine case.

For Post 1970 Harleys the VIN is always on the frame and should match that stamped on the engine cover, there is a few rare exceptions in 1979 only.  If the paperwork has the engine VIN but not the frame VIN then you would be advised to walk away from the sale.

All modern post 1981  Harley Davidson Motorcycle VIN are a standard 17 characters long.

Decode your Harley Davidson VIN by entering the number below:


What does it mean?

The first nine characters of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle VIN are dependent on the model of the Motorcycle. There is a checksum character to ensure the first are correct. The final numbers form a unique serial number for an individual bike.

The first three characters can be decoded as follows:

1HD – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Domestic Market
5HD – Harley Davidson Motorcycle International Market

Character 4 indicates the Motorcycle Type.

1 = Heavyweight
2 = Middleweight

Characters 5 and 6 Denote the Model.

BH = FXST – Softail Standard
BJ = FLSTC – Heritage Softail Classic
BK = FXSTC – Softail Custom
BL = FXSTS – Softail Springer
BM = FLSTF – Softail Fatboy
BN = FLSTN – Softail Deluxe
BP = FXSTSB – Softail Springer Bad Boy Lo
BR = FLSTS – Heritage Softail Springer
BS = FXSTD – Softail Deuce
BT = FXSTB – Softail Nighttrain
BV = FXSTI – Softail Standard
BW = FLSTCI – Heritage Softail Classic
BX = FLSTFI – Softail Fatboy
BY = FLSTSCI – Softail Springer Classic
BZ = FXSTSI – Softail Springer
CA – XL-883
CJ = XL883 Custom
CL = XL-1200 Roadster
CM = XL-883L
CN = XL-883 Standard
CP = XL-883C Custom
CR = XL-883L Low
CS = XL-883R
CT = XL-1200C Custom
CV = XL-1200R Roadster
CX = XL-1200L Low
CY = XL-50 50th Anniversary Sportster
CZ = XL-1200N Nightster
DA = FLT 82-83
DD = FLHT – Electra Glide
DH = FLTC with Sidecar
DK = FLTC Shrine
EB = FXRS Super Glide
EC = FXRT Sport Glide
ED = FXRP Police Windshield
EF = FXRP Police Fairing
FB = FLHR-I – Road King
FC = FLHTCU-I – Ultra Classic Electra Glide
FD = FLHR – Road King
FF = FLHTC-I – Electra Glide
FG = FLHTCU-I – Ultra Classic Electra Glide with Sidecar
FH = FLHP-I Police
FJ = FLHP Police
FK = FLHTC-I Shrine
FL = FLHTCU-I Shrine
FM = FLHTP-I Police
FN = FLHPE – Road King Police Edition
FP = FLTR – Road Glide
FR = FLHRC-I – Road King Classic
FS = FLTR-I – Road Glide
FW = FLHR-I Shrine
FX = FLHRS – Road King Custom
FY = FLHRS-I – Road King Custom
GD = FXDL – Dyna Lowrider
GE = FXDWG – Dyna Wide Glide
GG = FXDS Convertible
GH = FXD – Dyna
GJ = FXDX – Super Glide
GL = Superglide T-sport
HA = VRSCA – V-Rod
JA = Softail Nighttrain
JB = Softail Deuce
JD = Softail Deluxe
SG = TLE Police
SH = RLE Police

Harley Davidson Motorcycle VIN Check

Enter your Harley Davidson Motorcycle VIN below for a free summary of the information stored in the VIN with access to full Motorcycle  VIN check reports if required:

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Try this example VIN:1HD1BJY102Y049834

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