Ducati Motorcycle VIN Check

Where to find a Ducati VIN

Ducati Motorcycles VIN are usually located on the right hand side of the head stem. It may be necessary to turn the handlebars all the way to the left in order to get a clear and unobstructed view of the VIN on a Ducati.  There is also an engine number located on the engine, this should not be confused with the VIN as they provide different information and the Engine Number cannot be used to perform a Motorcycle History Report.  It is also common for Ducati’s to have a plate on the left hand side of the frame, somewhere between the tank and seat.  This is usual on bike where the head stem may be hidden behind a faring.

Decode your Ducati VIN by entering the number below:


How to Decode it

The first character can be decoded as follows:

Z = Manufactured in Italy

Characters 2 & 3 can be decoded as follows:

DM = Ducati Motorcycle

Character 4 indicates the Motorcycle Type.

1 = Street Version
3 = Racing Version (not street legal)

Character 5 Denotes the Model.

L = Supersport
R = Monster
S = Superbike
T = Sport Touring
U = 9×9 Series
V = Multistrada
X = 1098s or 1198s

Character 6  Denotes the Engine Type.

A= Air Cooled Twin
B = Liquid Cooled Twin
C = Air / Oil Cooled Twin
7 or 9 = Race Model

Character 7  Indicates the Engine Size

Character 8 Indicates BHP

Character 9  is the Keysum Check Digit

This is a calculated number or letter which verifies the accuracy of the preceding numbers.

Character 10  is the Year Code

Character 11 Indicates the Location of Manufacture

B = Bologna Italy

Ducati Motorcycle VIN Check Report

Enter your Ducati Motorcycle VIN below for a free summary of the information stored in the VIN with access to full Motorcycle  VIN check reports if required:

We Can Decode your Ducati VIN

Try this example VIN:1HD1BJY102Y049834

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