Motorcycle Insurance Advice

The best general advice when looking to purchase your Motorcycle Insurance is to shop around.  There are a vast array of insurers out there with many and varied prices.

Motorcycle Insurance Brokers

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It may take sometime but it will be well worth the effort to fill in your details on as many insurers websites as possible to get an online quote.  Many providers will be able to give you an instant online quote.


Check the price versus the cover offered, the cheapest policy might not always be the best for you.

Check the excess on the policy, this is the portion of each claim you will have to pay.  Usually lower insurance premiums mean higher excess fees, but this might be worthwhile for you.
Keeping your Motorcycle Garaged overnight will help to keep your premiums lower too, make sure you include this information when filling out the forms.

If you only ride for part of the year some insurers will offer discounted rate for limited mileage, just make sure to keep within their limits.  Younger riders will be penalised for your lack of experience so a motorcycle with low theft appeal will help. An advanced rider course may help you qualify for discounts with certain insurers.

Finally, look for a no claims bonus or safe rider bonus, each year without a claim will help to reduce your premiums for the next year.