Why are VIN checks so important?

What is a VIN?

Every vehicle has a unique number attached to it, this is known as the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. The VIN is usually located in at least one prominent and visible location and often several other locations some which may be undisclosed. The licence plates on a vehicle may change between states, owners and definitely between countries. The VIN is the only unique identifier of a vehicle it is like a fingerprint for a vehicle, a Motorcycle Vin Check Report uses this number to verify the specification of the motorcycle. i.e number of Cylinders, Cubic Capacity, Age etc. the report also accesses one of several Nationally held databases that contain important information about the vehicles history.

When should I get a VIN Check Report?

You should obtain a history report when purchasing a second hand motorcycle. It is not necessary to have a report done on a brand new bike. Even if you are buying from a dealer the report is still a useful document to have as is may help you in negotiations. Also it is a very good idea if you are planning to sell or are selling a second hand motorcycle. Your potential buyers will be reassured if you provide them with an advance copy of an up to date Motorcycle VIN Check report. This will save them the cost and time in doing this and may help to secure an immediate sale.

What can a VIN Number Trace tell me?

A VIN check can give you a summary of the previous owner history… was it really owned by one careful rider? It will let you know if the bike has ever been in a major accident or experienced flood damage. Most importantly it can tell you about outstanding finances on the bike or if it registered at stolen. There may be a good reason why this bike looks too good to be true!

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